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Alaskan Native Owned & Operated

      If you're an outdoor enthusiast, whether your passion lies in fishing, hunting, photography, kayaking or just tuning in to nature, Andersen Island will answer your vision of the ideal Alaskan experience.
      Andersen Island Bed & Breakfast is located in Prince William Sound at the heart of Sheep Bay, approximately a twenty-minute flight from Cordova. It is surrounded by majestic mountains, a spectacular waterfall , a tributary that produces a strong run of salmon, a hidden lagoon for the avid fly fisherman, and much much more. We can't tell all our secrets.
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The front yard view.      The history of the island is of an Aleut-Tlingit Alaskan Native family that has homesteaded here for five generations since the early nineteen-hundreds, raising foxes and subsisting off the land. There is much pride, history, and heritage that the family has to offer when delighting in stories of their past.
      Kathryn, a prominent Native political leader has recently resigned from many of her duties to concentrate on fulfilling her and her late husband's lifetime dream of restoring Andersen Island, their home.
Kathryn and granddaughter clamming in the front yard
catch of the day       Alaska is known for its beauty, wildlife, pristine waters, regal mountains, long summer daylight hours, and big healthy fish.
      Once you arrive at the island, you will unpack your gear and head to the galley located within our cabin. This is where you will get a brief introduction to the area and go over safety procedures.
      Whether you're here to catch halibut, bass, ling cod, red snapper, silver, chum or pink salmon, the choice is yours. We are capable of helping process your fish for easy handling on your flight back home.
Bonding in Alaska
Deer up close and personal      Maybe it's the wildlife that you're here to see or capture in a photo. Directly across from our island is a natural stream that produces close to ten percent of the wild salmon population of Prince William Sound.   The Sound was at one point the fifth largest producer of wild salmon in the world. In this area black and brown bear can be seen, along with deer, eagles, ducks, geese and other types of wildlife. In its waters there are seals, sea lions, sea otters and porpoise with the occasional orca whale. Not far from the lodge steamer clams and shrimp can be had for added Alaskan flavor. There is even a steambath to unwind after a long, enjoyable day of fishing. Pristine and clean
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The Andersens are pleased to share with you our hospitality, prime location, local heritage, and experience on the fishing grounds. We are confident that with this unique blend we can assist you to achieve your Alaskan vision.

Retreat to our remote island, Refresh your perspective and Restore your mind and soul. Consider this your R & R with an added ahhhhR.

The well being of all our clients is top priority on our Island. We want you to be confident that we are adequately prepared for all safety concerns.

We don't treat you like royalty, we treat you like family.
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